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This is a collection of pure chaos.


released September 26, 2014

Everything: Josh



all rights reserved


SCREECH New York, New York


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Track Name: Regret It All
Let me know
Let me know
Before I fucking explode
Let it go
Let it go
Take back the weight of the world
Too damn soon
Too damn soon
You have given me a million wounds
Now I must
Now I must
Now I must regret it all

Love to judge
By the choices I make
Breathing down my neck
Smell my hate
No more fear
Its non existent
From existence

Go ahead
Back off
Make my life Easier
Track Name: Implanted
The sooner the better
There's no way across
Its a risk
Ill own up to it all
You can come clean
Reveal your face
You got a hold of my soul
A hold of my fate


You want me to forget
All the times we fucking had
How can I do this
They're implanted in my head
Track Name: Negative State
Never cared for expectations
I'll live my own way
I'm not trying to make you happy
Too sick of this reality

You live to follow the herd
closed minded fucking curse
Victim to insecurity
Tied down in the land of the free

Always have something to say
Never can say it to my face
Your views mean nothing to me
I don't believe in anything

You have yet to see
The real in me
You don't want to see
The real in me

You just take
Never create
Don't mistake this for fate
Pissed off, I rarely get that way
Don't make me expose
My negative state
Track Name: Excuses Of Life
Executions became the standard
From the first time
They felt the thrill
A Relationship built upon
The intention to kill

Filthy and disgusting excuses of life
Devoted to agony
Love at first site

Smile plastered on their hideous faces
Buried bodies
Multiple places
Happy Anniversary
I hope you get what you gave

Nothing New
No regret
You piece of shit
Id bet you'll do it all again
Track Name: No One Knows Why
No one knows
Why it happened
Why the lake swallowed up another
Why a family now has to suffer
It led us here
Trusted in a stranger
So called savior
Now we drown in tears

Never got to say goodbye
Awoken to a dire surprise

No one knows why
No one will ever know why

There is one thing that will always remain.

Left your mark
Forever it will show
Your body is no more
But visible is still your soul