The Color Greed


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Debut full length from NYC Powerviolence act SCREECH.


released September 26, 2016

Produced by SCREECH
Recorded,mixed and mastered by Josh Hernandez
Performed by SCREECH
Lyrics by Danny Montalvo
Artwork by Josh Hernandez



all rights reserved


SCREECH New York, New York


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Track Name: Tragic Impressions
Gripping my neck, pressing in harder
Bite my lips gently, forget the liar
Maddening, sickening, disheartening,
Disingenuous, disastrous, a tragedy in beauty

No I won't do this again
Fleshless carcasses I vow to
Mindless fucking affection
Never to bestow, I'm heartless
Track Name: The Color Greed
Greed controls us
Yes it's true
Wanting more than
Most of you
Rotting inside
I'm heartless
Craving further
I've accepted
That I'm lost
I feel nothing
There's no cost
Lay these things down
All to rest
Take this evil
From my chest

Deposits of all things worthless
Form the loathing/rectify
Counting my losses
Reach for hatred/sanctify
Regardless of perspective
Demolish all/ and I'll move on
Our only concern should be gain
Dead among us/ devour

Is this a curse
That I cannot
Be without
Track Name: No Love
What's my name?
I'm 1%

Through a decent error I am found, now I see clearly and I hear the sound.

Don't cry at my wake, don't tremble at my funeral
The salt of your tears will disrupt the earth I lay in
And make me sick with life again
Festering positivity
There is nothing worth
Looking forward to

I will mock all these giants
There is no greater love
I will mock your denial
There is no greater love
Track Name: Game Changer
Oh, expectations.
All you'll do is disappoint me
And today isn't the fucking day.

Fuck off already, I can't do this anymore
Faster than blood running off a porcelain blade.

20 feet high, like steel meeting concrete
Violent impacts of crushed expectations

No more no more no more no more
I hope your decision is swayed
Don't talk... Or you'll lose blood.
Track Name: Oxy
Old wounds opened
and the terror that follows(follows)
Stand up fast and let
the teeth sink bone deep

Crushed pills
(Make me so numb)
I need
(To stop now)
But I
(Feel so damn good)
So I
(Ate some more)

I swallowed another because(old wounds opened)
Old wounds opened and
Terror followed suit
Made a gamble and the hand (got played)
It's starting to look
Don't let this thinned blood
(Go to waste)

I just want you to know
That I won't
Miss that
Ever Again
Track Name: I'm No Artist, But I Painted Your Demise
Caricatures all blindly drawn
I've tried to assemble your silhouette

(Blast beat part)
And I failed
And I tried
And I remember you saying
That you wanted to die
But I kept
I kept trying so hard
(To paint you so gently
On top of my scars X5)

I've spilled paint all over
And now the canvas is covered
I've destroyed your canvas
I've colored you red and rum
Red and rum
Red and rum
I've colored you red and rum

You are now infinite.

Feint with sorrow you are no more
With our love I have painted the floor
Crimson Crimson, oh burning red
rum so bitter my deathly wed
Track Name: God With A Capital G
Don't act like you fucking know
All that screaming all for show
I want you to step back and
Take a hard look at my misery

There is no transparency
This blistering, the scorching
Hammered down self hatred
A testament to what you've done
And I blame my fucking self

I let you condemn me to this
Infernal fucking shackle
I knew the price was steep
And still you tempted me
So let me drown in his loathing

Let me soak in my antipathy
This is my fucking everything

There is no god he has fallen
Into the same bullshit I do
He is not here, we are alone
He lives within us, decaying
Track Name: Make It Reign
Cruel is a matter of perspective
And I can't care enough to vomit

I'll hold you close as you seize
So that my incision is precise
I want to bleed you dry
And see if you can still cry

Let this torment be a reminder
That we don't matter in the end
Track Name: The Fool // The Lover
And you've fooled me well
I fell for the trap(the same)
Left me with nothing(shallow)
But with confusion
Damn, you did me wrong(fuck it)
You kept me guessing(real good)
You teased me with time(with time)
And stripped away my hope

This was a fucking mistake
I shouldn't have smiled back
So let me know when it's my turn
Let me know when I'm worth it again

We'll talk tomorrow(liar)
Really into you(yeah?)
So you disappear(again)
Over and over(haha)
You left me stranded(my home)
I knew, can't be true(not yours)
I must thank you(grateful)
Hell of a lesson(no more)

It won't happen again.

That was the last time
I'll hold you fucking close
This was enough
I don't do vulnerable
Track Name: Coddled Cattle
There's no place I'd rather be than the cold embrace of your dead arms
Let the wind carry away the stench of your worries of word's harm
The only ones out get you
Are the demons inside the box
Telling you how to live
Warning you of catastrophe
Of the blasphemy
Of the phobias happening

They want you to riot
They want you fearful
You listen to them
You give them power
I can feel the cold gaze of war

Listen to the drums of war
Beat harder
As you

You are all weak
Track Name: Bright Nights // Darker Days
Time going by so quick.
feel the future becoming dim.
Not happy with what I think
Not satisfied with anything

Not comfortable with words I write.
Second guessing most of my fucking nights.
Dont want to talk.
Dont want to feel
My own death within my sight

My gaze is filled with hate
unaware, threshold breaks.
Never I want this to end.
Track Name: Minds Of Malice
Severing the ties
The hooks through my skin
Feeding me their lies
The ones that linger on
Chained to madness
Watching the sun break horizon
So remain

I got something that has yet to be said
They always find a home in the safe section of my head
That makes my stomach turn
My vision blurred, every turn is always a lesson learned

I strive for smiles all around but Im always the odd one out
And I loved you all to death
But this abhorrence has become has my transgression
Track Name: Asphyxiate
Tip the scale with a slow burning patience
No regards to you, I'm a fucking deadbeat

Now hold this match while I fetch the 87' regular...
No longer will I be there
To comfort your worries and
Parade around your endeavors
I am not happy for you
I want to see you hurt

I guess somethings wrong with me
I guess I'm broken

And id be a liar if I said
The thought of you drowning in
An ocean of piss and let downs
Doesn't fill me with happiness
So go walk off the plank and into that
Pit of hungry sharks we call the void